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I'm always playing with different fonts when making web pages or doing 2D/3D graphics. Something that that has always irritated me was that I had to use a font viewer or charmap.exe to see all the letters in the font. This was especially a pain when the font was of the ding variety (wingding, webding etc.)

I've created a nice Word document that will let you see all the characters (including the ALT ones), which you can print out and keep in a folder. This has helped me immensely, as now I just open the folder and peruse the printed versions to find the character I want.

The example I've created for you all to use is the fontdoc for WingDings. As mostly everyone will have this font installed, you can quickly gauge whether my tool will help you or not.

Included in the ZIP file is instructions on how to use the fontdoc document.

Download it here or see a preview in your browser first

Note, this may not display properly in Netscape Navigator, and I know it doesn't display correctly in Opera.

Tell me what you think of it, and if you have any suggestions to make it better.


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