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Video RAM


VRAM - Video RAM
This and the next two types of RAM are used on graphics cards to take the load off of your system RAM. Video cards store pixel values of a graphical display. VRAM is dual ported (Two access ports, One to refresh the display and one to change the stored data for the next display.) This effectively doubles the bandwidth of DRAM and SRAM.

WRAM - Windows RAM
Dual ported graphics only. It offers 25 percent higher overall performance over VRAM, plus it uses double buffering (several times faster than VRAM), and has faster refresh rates. It was developed by Matrox.

SGRAM - Synchronous Graphics RAM
Single ported, dual bank (two memory pages open simultaneously, which almost matches dual ported.) It's good for 3D, due to block writes that speed up screen fills as well as fast memory clearing (3D requires very fast memory clearing. Around 30 to 40 times a second.)   This type of RAM was developed by Micros.

SRAM Manufacturers
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