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Power Management (DPMS) - Intel and Microsoft developed a standard together called Advanced Power Management (APM), which is a Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) interface between the Operating System (OS) and the video hardware (graphics card and monitor.) In effect, DPMS/APM allows the OS to switch your monitor into various states of low power during intervals of nonuse. Three main modes of power down are stand-by, suspend and off. These modes are signaled by varying the synch pulse to the monitor. Standby mode is the quickest to recover from (blank screen to readability), while suspend takes longer and off will require you to manually push the on button.


This basically concludes the CRT section. All in all, your eye is the best discriminating tool you can use. If possible have the monitors set up side by side and compare coloring, brightness, clarity and screen size. Not all people see monitors in the same way, so that saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" applies very much here.

This article will now continue into LCD screens which differ completely from CRT monitors.

Monitor Size LCD
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