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Armed with all of this information, let's go change some settings. On a blank area of your desktop, single right click. Select "Properties" Click on the "Settings" Tab.

Before you make the below changes, write down what your settings are just in case it doesn't work.

On the lower left, you have the possible bpp (colors). For now, take it up to 24bpp (also called True Color).

On the lower right, you have Screen Area. Move the slider to the right one place at a time while watching the colors box. When you see the colors drop down to 16bpp (also called High Color), move your slider back one place to the left. Change your colors back to 24bpp.

When you click OK, one of two things will happen. It will either change immediately, or require you to reboot. This is dependent on the Windows version you are running and/or if you have the Powertoys installed.

If everything went smoothly, you should now have a new look for your desktop. You will have to decide for yourself what resolution works for you. Some people have problems reading the small type inherent with the higher resolutions.

safebutt.gif (1957 bytes)The newer versions of Win95 will automatically revert back to the original video setting (before you changed them) after 15 seconds (unless you click the "OK" button after it changes the resolution). So if your screen looks garbled, don't worry, it'll fix itself. For older versions of Win95, you may have to restart your system for the new settings to take effect. If everything looks garbled when it finishes rebooting, reboot again, but this time press F8 when your screen displays "Starting Windows 95", select Windows SAFE mode, when it loads windows all the way up, undo the changes you made, then reboot.

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