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To Catch A Spammer


Don't get your hopes up too high that the person receiving your complaint will tell you the corrective action. Many times they only send a canned response saying how they will do what they can to take care of it. There are a few however, that will let you know that the spammers web site has been suspended or that their e-mail address has been cancelled etc.

Don't forget, you can jump right to my next article on Avoiding Spammers to get more great information on becoming less spammable.

Also, if you're interested, visit the below site for more information on SPAM.

There is an organization called CAUCE (The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email) who are dedicated to the fight against spam. This grassroots movement was founded by fellow netizens who lobby Congress in an attempt to get legal protection from spammers, they are always looking for new members.

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