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To Catch A Spammer


If your friendly spammer has provided a web site address in the spam for you to visit, copy that address to the clipboard minus everything except the domain name. i.e. the spammers URL is <http://www.spamworld.com>. The part you want to copy to the clipboard will be the word "spamworld" only.

Now go to http://www.internic.com and paste the address into the "Search for your domain name" field. Select the proper domain (com, net, org, edu etc. from the combo box to the right), and click "Check Name".

If the name was for a valid address, you should see a page with information pertaining to that server. Stuff like who owns it, the admin person's name and e-mail addresses etc.

Just for explanation sake and to make sure we're all on the same sheet of music, enter the name "internic" into the "Search for your domain name" field and click "Check Name".

First you see who it's registered to:

Internic Software (INTERNIC6-DOM)
P.O Box 761
Sunbury, Victoria 3429

The next section that we really want to look at is who to contact about abuses. This is usually the administrator. Many times they have a specific abuse e-mail address, so that's why I want you to come here and check before sending off your complaint to the wrong person. In our example, this is their contact section.

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact,
Billing Contact:
Administrator (ADM706-ORG) administrator@INTERNIC.COM
+61 3 9348 2441
Fax- +61 3 9348 1928

Because they don't have a specific abuse address, the administrator will have to do, so add this person to the recipients of your complaint. If there is more than one person listed as an administrative contact, add them too.

Getting Started The Complaint
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