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To Avoid A Spammer

What exactly is a proxy? It's a server that you go through to access the Internet. There's some plusses and minuses associated with doing this.

The plusses are that because the proxy server is the one requesting information from the Internet, its information is made available while keeping your's hidden. Another is that it caches all the pages it finds, so if someone has been to a site before you, then you get the pages from the proxy server. Since the proxy server is physically close to you, the resulting download of the pages is faster.

The minuses are that if a proxy server is overloaded, then you can actually be retrieving pages slower than if you went straight to the web site. Also, if the admin person for the proxy server has incorrectly set the time limit for pages to expire, you could be receiving a page that is outdated.

Many ISPs provide a proxy server (You'll have to ask your tech support people), but if they don't you can go to a public proxy server at:


They provide a free service, but at a cost. There is a built in delay when it retrieves pages. This is to get you to buy their service which has no delay. It's the same old story of you get what you pay for.

Hopefully with the help of the above tips, you can shrink that bulls eye on your back and become just a little less spammable.

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