Moab Vacation 2006

03 Nov 2006 - 05 Nov 2006

Every year we try to get up to Moab, Utah as a trip away from the kids. If you've never been there, you've got to go. Not only is there tons of outdoors stuff to go see and do, there's usually some event going on every weekend like bicyclist competetions, 4x4 (vehicles and ATVs), base jumping, trial bikes etc.

Make sure you do your homework before visiting. You'll want to see what events are going on and how early you want to book your rooms. Depending on the event, the rooms can fill up really fast. Also, you'll want to decide what you want to go see. You could literally spend a week up there and not hit a tenth of the trails and sightseeing Moab has to offer. Additionally, double check with different on-line maps. I usually use Google Maps and those guys were gonna run me through Durango and add an hour onto my trip. Mapquest was better but still wasn't as good as the wife. She recommended we come back through Farmington -> Bloomfield -> Highway 550 all the way to Bernalillo. It cut a full hour off even Mapquest.

In terms of a place to stay, I'd recommend getting in the center of downtown. It can be a bit of a walk to check out the nightlife otherwise. We stayed at Canyonlands Inn on the corner of Main and Center (yep they actually named it that! <grin>). It's also, conveniently, right across the street from my favorite restaurant McStiffs.

All of Grand View and Dead Horse was done with a 35mm camera and everything else was digital. You can definitely tell the difference. I'm still waiting on development of the B/W roll I took at Goblin Valley. The film was six years expired but it was all I had there. We'll see if I get lucky.

Goblin Valley - N38 33.838 W110 42.213

McStiffs - N38 34.352 W109 33.020

Needles Outlook - N38 15.595 W109 41.770

Newspaper Rock - N37 59.294 W109 31.092

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