Herculiner Bed Liner

My old Ram 1500 had a Mopar under rail drop in bed liner. Maybe I'm weird, but I actually liked having a "slick" bed. When I loaded up for a camping trip I could set something on the tailgate and with a good shove, send it to the front of the truck. There were only two things I didn't like about it. One is that it rubs on the stock paint pretty bad so rust in the future was inevitable. Second was that water collects under the bedliner which also increases the risk of rust.

I debated heavily the pros and cons of drop-ins, spray-on, paint-on, and mats. Eventually I decided on Herculiner based on price, "ease" of installation, long-term protection, ease of fixing / maintenance, and looks. There are quotes around "ease of installation" because it wasn't all that easy. The prep work of scuffing / scoring the stock paint in the bed, dealing with headache inducing M.E.K. and the nasty gooey mess that is Herculiner over a two day weekend wasn't "easy".

I decided to give Herculiner a shot for a few months to see if I really like it. If not, then my plan is to buy a Mopar drop-in bedliner and since the bed will be protected with Herculiner I wouldn't have to worry about the paint scuffing problem I mentioned above so much. If the Herculiner started to wear, I could just do a touch-up on it.

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Scuffing the wheel humps

Removed the tie-downs

Using the paintbrush to Herculine the hard spots

A bit uneven in places for sure

I was still worried it would look bad

Using the paintbrush to Herculine the hard spots

Still scuffing

Removed the tie-downs

Finally, on to the floor of the bed

Looks horrible

Switching between roller and brush to get the nooks and crannies

Let dry for 4 1/2 hours

Finally, everything scuffed

Still doing floor

I was worried it was going to look like hell

Starting on the floor of the bed

Picked up again early Sunday morning

This is going to take a while

Still scuffing

Still scuffing

Still see a lot of red in there

Still scuffing

After wiping down the bed with M.E.K.

Herculiner clumps up quick, keep M.E.K. handy for spills and thinning

Still doing floor

Flat surfaces were easy

First coat all done

More of first coat

Still scuffing

After more scuffing and more M.E.K.

Difference of scuffed vs. unscuffed

Joints were really tough too

I stopped here for the day on Saturday to get ready for a dinner party

I decided not to do the tailgate

Still scuffing

Still first coat

WOW!!! After the second coat

The bed mat and tailgate mat that were in there

Scuffing paint with a green scouring pad

Still scuffing

I was pretty surprised at how good it looks

The ribs were hell

Hoping it'll be more of a flat black

The floor of the bed is easiest

First coat is supposed to be light

Waiting to see if the shininess goes away

Still some shiny spots