Bishop's Dungeon - Halloween 2009

Year six of Bishop's Dungeon! This year I thought it was going to be pretty tough. Our garage is still packed with office furniture we've been amassing in preparation for when Rachel buys / builds an office building. I had about half the space I normally have available. Everyone chipped in including a couple of my youngest's friends to get the dungeon built. I was surprised to see it actually worked out pretty good.

This time around, my dad dressed up in a hunting / sniper suit. You know, the ones with all the dangling strips of cloth and you look like a big mound of grass or weeds. He stood off to the side behind one of the strip drapes and would either step forward and say something or touch someone's shoulder. It worked really well because everyone coming in the dungeon was so focused on me and what I might do that they never saw him. The funniest was a lady who wanted to take a picture with me. As she was bent over next to my shoulder, dad reached out and touched her on the shoulder. The first time, she shrugged it off. The second time, she asked me if I was touching her. When I said no, she stood up and turned around and dad was just inches from her. She was an impressive shrieker and very spry as she ran out of the dungeon. Another was a teen boy who came in and as I was putting the candy in his bag, dad stepped forward and said "hi" or something equally benign. He froze solid and kept saying "Oh my God!" over and over. We also had our usual group of teen female shriekers running out of the dungeon.

I couldn't find my reaper robe, so I just sat in shorts, mask with hoodie, gloves and staff. Oddly enough, it still had the desired affect.

You can see previous years here. I need to get in and put pics up from the other years.

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