Meet Code Red

So here's some of the aftermarket stuff I've already put on her. Luckily, all the stuff I had gotten for X-mas for my stolen 1500 fit perfectly on the PW. The next thing I'm getting is an OEM under rail bedliner with new tailgate cover.

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Hitch brake light

Some more pics

Some more pics

Checking out her flex with the stabilizer disconnected

Interceptor bug deflector with eyebrows

ShurConnect XM radio antenna

Need a spotter next time as I couldn't tell how much rock face I had left

Black chrome fire extinguisher

Meaty steering wheel cover

Lund bed rails

Some more pics

XM satellite radio, need a longer 12v power cord to route nicely

I think I could get about another 3 to 4 inches

Tailgate lock

ShurTrax with about 200 pounds of water for snow traction

Dive plate

Lund in-channel aerovisors

Some more pics