Code Red

Meet Code Red, a 2005 Power Wagon with all the fixins.

Playing around with a little flex. Need to remember to take a spotter other than my two year-old next time so I can get a bit higher up on the rocks.

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Aftermarket tailgate lock. Not great but it works.

Dive plate and Interceptor Bug Deflector

I do wash her. I swear.

Rockface where I was at.

Really needed a spotter.

Flight out to Amariilo to pick up Code Red.

For sure.


She makes it look easy.

37" of two year old.

Ok, Sway bar did indeed disconnect.

Couldn't tell how much more rockface I had.

Got a black chrome fire extinguisher this time.

Fire extinguisher again.

C'mere Shay.

Steering wheel cover. I love the meaty feel of these.

Needs another wash and wax.

Lil' rock climber.

Ok I'm done taking pics.

XM Radio mounted location. Need a longer 12v cord to route nicely.

Good long jump to the ground getting out.

Lund in-channel aerovisors

Provided I hit the rockface straight on next time!

Jayden and Shay.

Moving on to bigger things.

Baby steps first.

Rockpile minus Code Red.

Jayden for relative size.

I think I could have gotten three or four more inches.

Lil' rock climber.

Bug deflectors.

ShurTrax with about 200 pound of water for traction in the snow.

Lil' rock climber.