Code Red

Meet Code Red, a 2005 Power Wagon with all the fixins.

Playing around with a little flex. Need to remember to take a spotter other than my two year-old next time so I can get a bit higher up on the rocks.

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Aftermarket tailgate lock. Not great but it works.

Dive plate and Interceptor Bug Deflector

I do wash her. I swear.

Rockface where I was at.

Flight out to Amariilo to pick up Code Red.

Really needed a spotter.

For sure.


She makes it look easy.

37" of two year old.

Ok, Sway bar did indeed disconnect.

Couldn't tell how much more rockface I had.

Got a black chrome fire extinguisher this time.

Fire extinguisher again.

C'mere Shay.

Steering wheel cover. I love the meaty feel of these.

Needs another wash and wax.

Lil' rock climber.

Ok I'm done taking pics.

XM Radio mounted location. Need a longer 12v cord to route nicely.

Good long jump to the ground getting out.

Lund in-channel aerovisors

Provided I hit the rockface straight on next time!

Jayden and Shay.

Moving on to bigger things.

Baby steps first.

Rockpile minus Code Red.

Jayden for relative size.

I think I could have gotten three or four more inches.

Lil' rock climber.

Bug deflectors.

ShurTrax with about 200 pound of water for traction in the snow.

Lil' rock climber.