SCUBA Diving in Blue Hole - Santa Rosa, NM

Sean Pearson, Brian Salter, Rod Skiver, myself, and our respective families get together for a day of diving.

Blue Hole is 81 feet deep, but at an altitude of 4,600 feet the adjusted altitude dive is 95 feet on the bottom. Blue Hole is a spring fed well in roughly a bell shape that passes approx. 3,000 gallons per minute keeping it at a consistently cool 64 degrees fahrenheit. An interesting problem Blue Hole poses to divers heading home to the West is that they'll have to pass over a mountain ridge sitting at 7,000 feet. This means divers will have to spend an appropriate amount of time in their surface interval to become at least a "C" diver before heading back.

Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM: N34 56.426 W104 40.392

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