Alaska - 26 Glaciers Tour

11 Sep 05 on a 4.5 hour catamaran tour of 26 glaciers. It was a good tour but not really exciting until we got to the "Surprise" Glacier which calved in a huge way just after we got there. I got four action shots of it as a huge chunk of the face fell off. The 137 foot Klondike Express ran, at the fastest, 41MPH and threw out 50' rooster tails behind it.

The tour began in Whittier on the Prince William Sound and pretty much covered 135 miles of Port Wells. Most of the glaciers you see are from the College Fjord until you get to the brilliant blue (where I took most of the pics) glacier called the Surprise Glacier in the Barry Arm.

Surprise Glacier: N61 03.273 W148 24.628

Barry Glacier: N61 06.441 W148 09.493

26 Glaciers Tour Route

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