Riana Campground, Abiquiu NM 2007

03 Aug 2007 - 05 Aug 2007

Riana Campground is above the man-made Abiquiu Lake. The views are fantastic and the campgrounds are wonderfully maintained. We lucked out as Friday evening and Saturday were mostly cloudy so we weren't dying of heat. There aren't many large trees to get out from the sun. Sunday was pretty toasty with not many clouds in the sky, but we were packing up early to head back, so it wasn't too brutal.

The rules are enforced pretty heavily. I've never been to a campground where it was patrolled as heavily as this one was. Between the camp host, park rangers, and the sheriff's department, someone was patrolling by about every 45 minutes. Even though we'd already paid in full for three spots, Brian was told to move his popup about 30 feet further onto his site rather than being located more or less between his site and Ben's site. It was basically one long pad / site between them. Later, when the park rangers showed up they told us that it wasn't a big deal and we could have left it where it was. I guess the camp host was just a bit on the overzealous side.

At any rate, we all had a great time, ate some good grub, and some nice swimming. The water was a bit chilly to begin with but once you got acclimated, it was very refreshing. I didn't get pics, but we were treated to some skinny dippers on the elderly side. The wife decided on a bit of modesty when she saw us coming, but not before, ahem, "treating" us to some full frontal nudity. It wasn't something I'd care to repeat. The husbad however decided to leave his backside uncovered for some plumber crack action.

Riana Campground site #32: N36 14.948 W106 25.881

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